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Key Essential Things You Must Know About Commercial Fence Installation

As a business owner or property manager, the safety of your assets should be your no.1 priority. Theft or other mishaps could set your business back and cause you to lose valuable time and money. 

That’s why it is important to secure your business before any mishappenings occur. And there could be no better choice for it than erecting a commercial fence in Buffalo NY.

Here, we have put together some basics of commercial fence installation. From the reasons why you might want to install a fence, and types of commercial fences, to things to consider when installing a fence – find it all below. 

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- Reasons to consider commercial fence installation 
- Types of commercial fences
- Things to consider before installing a fence

Reasons To Consider Commercial Fence Installation

From aesthetics to security, there are plenty of reasons why you must look for “commercial fencing near me” services.  Here are a few main benefits of commercial fencing – 

  • Security

Nobody ever thinks they will get robbed – that happens to other people, right? WRONG! Nothing can keep you from being that person others hear about. 

So, don’t delay in securing your property. Put a fence and keep mishappenings and thefts away from your property. A good quality fence can protect your assets from theft, vandalism, or any other misfortunes. 

  • Privacy

A commercial fence installation can save you from prying eyes. Maybe you don’t want your business rivals to see what your office is up to, or perhaps you are just annoyed with the prying eyes of outsiders. Either way, a commercial fence can help!

Also, it’s not just about you. Fences can help shield your client’s privacy too. 

  • Privacy

Maybe your property has no threat of theft. But you simply don’t want just anyone to get free access to your property. A fence can save you from small things like that too. 

  • Aesthetics

A commercial fence installation can improve the look of a property. Maybe your factory has an unsightly area such as a gas well or a swampy area on the ground. A fence can efficiently put it all out of sight.

Also, classy fences such as wrought iron can make the front of your office look more professional and polished. Fence both cleans up and dresses up a property.

  • Add Value To A Property

Planning to sell your commercial property within the next few years? Then, it is a good idea to install a quality fence. Aesthetic fences drive up the value of a property manifold.

A commercial fence installation increases security, privacy, and curb appeal. All of which can impress and appeal to potential customers.

Types Of Commercial Fences

Now that you know why you might want to install a fence on your commercial property, let’s look at some popular commercial fence types. Explore the pros and cons of each one and pick your perfect choice!

  • Chain-Link

Chain-link is a common choice for commercial fence installation for several reasons. They are strong, durable, and inexpensive.  Also, they don’t require any regular maintenance and can resist the toughest weather.

Easy to install Not super aesthetic
Inexpensive Least secure metal fence
Extremely customizable Doesn’t add privacy
Effective at keeping out intruders and animals Adds less value to the property as compared to other fences
  • Decorative Chain-Link

Want to take the regular chain-link fence up a notch? Try colorful vinyl-coated chain link commercial fence installation. This way you can match the fence to the colors of your building and make the fence a little more aesthetic. 

You can also choose two colors for the decorative chain-link fence. One for coating and the other one for the slats between the chain links.

Looks more aesthetic More expensive than regular chain-link fencing
Adds extra protection
  • Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences are extremely attractive and they last for decades!

Iron is an excellent material for security fences. It can’t be easily destroyed like wood or cheap aluminum. 

The upright picket and rail design of wrought iron fences makes them harder to climb than chain link fences. So, if you want your commercial property to look classy and sophisticated, go for this option!

Long-lasting and durable in all weather conditions Rusting can become an issue
Timeless and sophisticated look Difficult to install on slopes
Incredibly tough Requires maintenance work to add pitting and rusting
Adds value to a property Quality iron fences are expensive

Things To Consider Before Installing A Fence

  • Building Codes In Your Area

Sometimes building codes or regulations dictate what kind of fence you can build. It is always a wise idea to check up on these codes before installing the fence.

  • Materials

Certain fencing materials are not compatible with some weather or landscape conditions. For instance – if your property is near the sea, your fence may get sprayed with salt water. A wooden commercial fence installation may not be a good choice here. 

Or else, if your building is on a sloped property, a rigid iron fence may not be suitable. You should go for a rackable aluminium fence in this case. 

  • Maintenance Requirements

How much work are you willing or capable to put into the maintenance of your fence? If you don’t have much time or interest in maintaining the fence, go for low-maintenance fence materials. 

Your surroundings will also affect how much maintenance your fence will need. Consider that too!

All Set For Erecting A Commercial Fence?

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