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Installing Decorative Fences? Read This Expert Guide Before You Make A Purchase

In the past, fences were seen only as a means to make a property safer. People didn’t really pay attention to the fence aesthetics. They just wanted affordable fencing services in Buffalo that safeguarded their property – and that’s it!

However, with the growth of fencing services over the decades, we have had a boom. Fences are no longer seen as just functional. Now, homeowners want the fence installer to build them something that could elevate the aesthetics of their property and everything around it. 

Are you also looking to install a decorative fence on your property soon? Then, do read this fencing guide till the end. Here we have compiled every important detail about decorative fences that would help you make an informed choice.

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What Are Decorative Fences?

A decorative fence is just like an ordinary fence. It has all the properties of a regular fence. But they are a bit different in the sense of aesthetics.

As we have mentioned above, earlier fences used to be more functional. Well, they still are. 

Although, in a decorative fence, a fence installer blends functionality with beauty. These types of fences add a touch of elegance that no other type of fencing can provide.

If you are considering whether an ornamental fence will be the best option for you, read the benefits below. This will help you understand why more homeowners are inclining toward a decorative fence and why you should too!

Benefits Of Installing Decorative Fences


One of the key reasons why you must get an ornamental fence from a fence installer is because of its beauty. They are much more elegant than a conventional brick fence. 

Mostly built from ornamental steel or aluminum, decorative fences can seamlessly elevate the curb appeal of your home.


Apart from its elegant beauty, an ornamental fence also offers safety and security from intruders. They can provide an impenetrable barrier against unwanted visitors because of their height and design. 


Compared to other fencing types, decorative fences are pretty low-maintenance. They usually don’t require much cleaning. 

Decorative fences usually receive a “baked on” powder-coated finish for extra durability. Due to this, you won’t have to worry about painting your decorative fence year after year.

Easy To Install

Another amazing benefit of decorative fences is that they are super easy to install. If you have the installation tools and skills, you can set up the fence without the help of a fence installer too. 

All you need to do is ask the fence installer to custom-make the panels to fit into your yard properly. That way, you will only need to spend a few hours installing them.

Range Of Style Options

From traditional to modern, a fence installation company has a range of ornamental fencing styles. You can get them in standard colors. Or you mix and match many colors to give your property a unique look. 

Now, let’s explore some of the trending decorative fence designs to help you add both function and interest to your property.

Decorative Fence Styles

Classic Picket Fence

Timeless and traditional – there is nothing more all-American than a classic white picket fence. This fence type has been successfully enclosing properties for decades whilst adding extra charm to the homes within them. 

Trellis Fence

Built with elegant lattice features, these decorative fences are perfect for growing flowers around. They also allow air to flow effortlessly through the openings between the slats. 

A fence installer usually recommends installing a trellis fence in the front or back yard. You can also use them as part of a garden fence. 

Wrought Iron Fences

Looking for a clean and classic look? Then, wrought iron is just the right decorative fence for you. 

Ask the fence installer to extend the fence from the front yard by adding a driveway gate. This will give your property the full, classy home exterior vibe.

Black Chain Link Fencing

You must have seen the classic chain link fencing all around your block. But the standard metal version doesn’t have that appeal visually. 

Instead, you can try the black chain link fence as a charming alternative to the plain chain link. It is a sleek upgrade that will get the privacy job done whilst looking fresh and modern.

Ready To Elevate The Aesthetics Of Your Property With A Fence?

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