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Chain Link Fence Looks Boring? Spruce It up in Fun and Creative Ways

Robert Frost’s saying “good fences make good neighbors” might not always hold true. Especially if the fence in question is a rather plain chain link fence.

Homeowners rarely opt for chain link fence installation from any residential fencing services in Buffalo. And when they do, they do it for specific reasons. For instance – to fence in dogs or as safety fences for pools. 

Made of galvanized steel links, chain link fence installation makes a yard look like a prison. But can you turn the visual eyesore into a beautiful, charming addition to your yard? 

You can! There are some cool decorative chain link fence ideas to dazzle up an ordinary fence. Scroll down to know what these designs are!

Ways To Spice Up The Look Of Residential Chain Link Fence

Paint The Chain Link Fence 

A typical chain link fence installation features a dull grey-silver color. Sadly, that looks highly gloomy and unattractive. 

So, try painting the fence after the installation process. Transform it with a burst of colors. It will add a personal and artistic touch to your boring chain link fence design. This would also make it more visually enticing to neighbors, visitors, etc. 

However, make sure to take care of a few factors before venturing on your painting journey. Choosing the best paint for the fence is the first thing to consider. Typically, a rust-oleum paint is a viable option given its special suitability on metallic surfaces. 

Next, you must also consider the fence background colors. For instance – a vibrant green fence color is ideal when painting over a grassy backdrop.

Be sure to remove any dirt from the fence before starting to paint on it. Use a long-nap roller to create a quality finish.

Plant Climbing Vines Or Vertical Gardens

This is an excellent way of adding an aesthetic touch to your chain link fence installation. Vines provide an exquisite natural look to any fence. No matter the fence’s underlying material, vines can still do their magic.

You have the option of choosing from a range of climbing vine species. The most popular options when implementing this design are:

  • Creeping fig 
  • Persian ivy
  • Passion vine
  • Morning glory 

Just like in painting fences, there are also a few factors to consider here. Look at whether the plant is evergreen, perennial, or flowering. Stay away from installing toxic vines on the fence. 

Landscape Lights

Lights have an incredible way of complimenting the structure of chain link fence installation. Use landscaping lights to decorate parts of the chain-link fence. 

Start the project by looking into preferred spots for installing the outdoor bulbs or lamps. We recommend you consider vertical poles for lighting fences. It will provide you with a firm, level surface to place your lighting tools. 

Strategically install the lighting bulbs and check if everything is working properly. Experiment with different bulb colors for a more personalized and aesthetic vibe. 

Landscaping lighting is best appreciated during foggy days or in the twilight. It is then that the color and illumination best split the monotonic hues of the fence.

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