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Commercial Fence Buffalo NY – Your Questions Answered

Whether commercial or residential, fencing your property is essential for improving the aesthetics of your property, as well as its value, and might be a goal. However, there are a few major differences between commercial and residential fences – that often confuse people. 

Based on our commercial fence buffalo reviews, we have taken the time to answer the most common questions about commercial fencing.

Commercial Fence Buffalo Concern #1: Can It Be Climbed?

When running your commercial property, one of the main concerns is limiting the ability of unauthorized people to enter your property. This means restricting their access to the top of the fence so that they cannot climb it.

One of the most popular ways of deterring people from entering your commercial property is to include barbed wire across the top. You can also use razor tape. This thorny top layer in the form of foliage adds a natural barrier that makes intruders think twice before attempting to climb.

Commercial Fence Buffalo Concern #2: What materials are available?

Though wood is the most sought-after option for residential fencing, but for commercial fencing they are not the ideal choice. Wood fencing can not only be breached more easily by ramming it with a vehicle or knocking down an entire section – but it is also subject to rot and rampage over the years.

For your commercial property, you want a fence that looks both good and offers functionality – and these are the options to consider:

  • Chain Link Fence: These types of commercial fences are not only intimidating to look at, but they are also cost-effective options for securing commercial property. These fences are made of steel and can be coated in a variety of materials, including vinyl, zinc, and aluminum. These materials reduce the chances of rusting and corroding.

Also, they support different add-on materials – both natural and manmade.

  •  Steel Fencing: Safeguarding your commercial property with steel fences is another great option for removing the hands and toeholds offered by chain link fences that encourage people to climb them. Steel fencing offers structurally sound support and longevity. Additionally, they are also aesthetically pleasing.

You will get these fences in different panel designs, including squares and rectangles. Their clean and simple lines of steel make them a favorite for industrial, military, and sports properties.

Commercial Fence Buffalo Concern #3: How High Should The Fence Be?

When considering commercial fencing, one essential concern is the height of the fence and how high it should be to prevent people from climbing.

For starters, your commercial fence should be a minimum of 8 feet tall. This will be an imposing structure to look at and will make people think twice before taking any step. 

Along with the height, another consideration is to make sure that the fence doesn’t have any place where the criminals can place his or her hands to climb over it.

Commercial Fence Buffalo Concern #4: What Is The Average Cost Of Commercial Fence?

Talking about commercial fence Buffalo cost – it will vary depending on several factors including the area to be fenced, and the materials to be used. When measuring and pricing fence options, you must remember that it is done by the linear foot. 

 Discuss your commercial fencing budget and needs with professional fence installers in Buffalo.

Commercial Fence Buffalo Concern #5: What Other Options To Consider?

When choosing a commercial fence, it doesn’t mean they have to look the same as every other property on the block. You will get customized fencing options designed specifically for the needs of your property. 

Another important thing to consider is the entry gate of your commercial fence. Depending on whether vehicles will need to use the gate or if it is used solely for pedestrian traffic, there are a variety of options available that will allow easy access as well as the ability to secure your commercial property.

When Are You Planning To Safeguard Your Property With a Commercial Fence?

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