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Want To Add Privacy To Your Property? These Are The Top 5 Privacy Residential Fence Buffalo NY

Your neighbors are great – but that doesn’t mean you always want to be on display for them while you’re enjoying your time in the backyard. Not only that, private residential fences can also be an innovative way to keep the peace and quiet that you crave. 

The right mix of colors, styles, and materials can create a uniquely personal look in your outdoor space – while providing you with some much-needed seclusion. We have created a list of our favorite privacy residential fence Buffalo – and you can pick the one that’s right for you.

At KD Fence & Deck Services, we install fences and railings for homeowners across Buffalo. In addition to providing top-quality, reasonable services, we always help our clients find the best fence for their yard and their budget. 

Keep reading to find the best residential fence Buffalo NY for adding privacy to your property.

5 Best Privacy Residential Fences in Buffalo

Privacy fences are a great way to add a sense of security and safety to your home. Their ever-rising demand in Buffalo is not only for protection and peace of mind, but they also help enhance property value majorly. The good news is there are more types of privacy fences than ever before.

1. Wood Picket Fence

Made from pickets, these wooden fences are installed closely to provide solid background privacy. If you want a budget-friendly fencing option, wood picket fences are among the best to choose. They bring solid privacy with a minimum price tag. 

The only concern with wood picket fences is that they are made of pressure-treated lumber, which demands a little maintenance to keep off rot and mold.

2. Simple Vinyl Fence 

A simple vinyl fence can be the perfect way to add extra security and seclusion to your home. Fences made of tall vinyl panels can completely block the line of sight and also offer plenty of customizable options. One of the main things to love about vinyl fencing is that it will never need repainting or restraint and can easily last for 50+ years. 

Whether you are looking for something subtle and classic or bold and eye-catching, you will always find a vinyl fence to suit your needs.

3. Luxury Wooden Fence 

If you want to add that extra charm to your property while abiding by strong security – gorgeous luxury wooden fences are a great option. They add a rustic feel and offer hard-to-beat privacy. KD Fence & Decks Services luxury wooden fences are made of tall wooden panels that are just as effective as vinyl in keeping your backyard out of sight. 

Compared to wood picket fences, luxury wooden fences give you more styling options, like curving a top rail or a lattice pattern. But they will require some maintenance to keep it in solid shape.

4. Decorative Vinyl Fence

The beauty of vinyl fences lies in their versatility. Decorative vinyl fence comes in innumerable different styles and color combinations. Along with their versatility, durability is another unique feature of decorative vinyl fences. Yes, these fences are entranced by the upscale look; these decorative ultra-tall fences are remarkable fences in keeping your property protected from prying eyes. 

5. Aluminum – Vinyl Hybrid Privacy Fence

If you want a sleek and see-through residential fence, Buffalo options and aluminum vinyl privacy fences are highly effective. This type of privacy fence combines a sleek aluminum frame around thick vinyl fence panels. This creates a distinctly attractive two-tone face that is just as effective as a fully vinyl fence. 

Additionally, these fences are made of two ultra-low maintenance materials – meaning they are durable and only need once in a while washing with soap and water.

Which Privacy Residential Fence Buffalo Are You Planning To Install?

Residential fences are essential for your property – not solely for aesthetics but also for privacy. Get your fencing quotation from KD Fence & Decks Services and install the right fence on your property. Our designers will discuss the pros and cons of each fence type, show you samples, and help you make the best fencing decisions.