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Fence Contractors Buffalo NY Hiring Guide

If you are thinking about hiring fence contractors in Buffalo NY, this is the ultimate guide you will need. 

Surely, fences are necessary for privacy and security; they are equally important for enhancing the curb appeal of your property. 

Hence, before you jump into this major decision, you need to understand the process, the factors, and the permits required to undertake it correctly.

And if you are in a DIY building process, this write-up will be a gem for you. Wisely enough, if you are planning on hiring the best fence company in Buffalo NY, you have KD Fence & Decks Services just one call away!

Without further ado, let’s get right in.

Factors To Consider When Hiring Fence Contractors Buffalo

These are a few points that you cannot miss before hiring any Buffalo NY fence companies:

  • Training and Qualifications 

The professionals you want to hire should have the necessary training and qualifications for the job that you are hiring them for. They should be able to handle every aspect of the fencing process – including dealing with permits, HOA requirements, and utility line location.

  • Insurance And Warranties

You want your fence to hold its appeal for years. Hence, a warranty is a must. Additionally, the company should also be insured. This will give you peace of mind in case anything happens while undertaking the fencing work.

Check the company website and don’t hesitate to ask the customer service department questions.

  • Services They Offer

The range of services offered by a fence company can vary. Some companies will handle everything – from the design and installation to post-care, while others may only take on the actual construction work. 

Therefore, before hiring them, ask them what offers they have and what services are included in their quotation. 

Pre Construction Phase 

Once you have decided on which fence contractors Buffalo NY you are hiring, the pre-construction phase begins. It involves:

  • Fence Estimator Visit 

There are two types of fence contractors: the estimators and builders.

The job of a fence estimator is to measure the run of the intended fence along with confirming the styles, the materials and the property lines.

  • Fence Permit 

Some areas will require a permit before installing your fence, and you have to deal with it at this stage of the process. 

Permits usually take two to six weeks, but they also depend on the area, the season, the company, and a few other factors.

Mark Utility Lines

Before fence installation, the fence company should call the local utility marking service to visit your property. This service is usually free, and they will mark your yard so that the fence company can avoid utility lines when digging.

Discuss with your fence contractors whether they will take care of this process or whether you need to handle it by yourself.

Construction Phase 

Once the pre-construction steps, now you need to understand the construction phase. It involves:

  • Post Hole Digging 

Before installing a fence, the fence contractors Buffalo NY need to come to your site and dig the fence post holes. 

These holes should extend deep into the ground so that the bottoms of the fence posts should sit below the frost lines. This will prevent the fence from shifting, moving, or collapsing due to frost heaves. 

  • Set Posts 

In this process, the contractors will set the concrete directly into the concrete, while others may install galvanized post brackets at the soil level. This helps protect the base of the post.

Check with the contractors to know whether they will be using post brackets or if they are going to install them directly onto the concrete.

  • Fence Construction

Once the brackets and posts are firmly in place, then the installers will install the fencing boards and gates to complete the fence.

Post Construction Phase 

The job is not completed after installing the fence. There are a few two steps that need to be abided by to ensure it remains in good condition for years. It involves:

  • Finishing And Cleaning

After completing the fence work, the crew should pick up and clean the worksite of any scraps, waste, and other debris. This will give you the opportunity to check the fence and look for visible defects in the material.

Also, depending on the services provided by the company, you may have your fence stained and coated for protection.

  • Maintenance And Upkeep 

Having a fence comes with a multitude of benefits, including increasing your property value. But they demand some maintenance so that it doesn’t become warped, rotted, and structurally unsound. 

Every three to five years, your fences should be sanded, cleaned, and stained or sealed against moisture and UV radiation. 

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