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Want To Protect Your Property Fence From Storms?

The fence is a useful and essential part of your home. It can be used to separate the property from the road, to prevent intruders from entering, and even for aesthetic purposes. However, it can also be damaged by storms and hail storms.

The storms that cause damage are usually too strong for the fence. They may not be able to withstand the impact of heavy rains or hailstones falling on it. The probable impacts of spring and summer storms and how to protect your property fence are the topics covered in this write-up.

Impacts of The Storm On The Property Fence

Storms can cause serious damage to your property and fencing. They can knock down trees, blow over fences and blow debris into your home. These are some of the risks associated with these storms:

Lightning Storms Can Wreck Your Fence

Lightning can strike the fence and cause it to fall. This is especially true during an electrical storm. When lightning strikes, it can cause a surge of electricity that will destroy electrical wiring and equipment.

Even if you don’t have an electrical wire on your property, lightning can still take down your fence. The lightning bolt may strike a nearby tree or power line and travel through those wires to your fence. 

Wind Storms Can Tear Down Your Fence

Your fence could buckle in strong winds, which might lead to its collapse. This can be disastrous if you’re out of town and your neighbor’s fence comes down on yours. 

Also, trees and large limbs may fall on your fence, damaging it and creating a safety hazard. You can prevent this by installing a barrier around your fence to keep larger trees from falling on it.

Flood Damage Can Make Your Fence Weak

A rain storm that comes with high winds can inflict serious damage if it hits your fence. The best way to protect your fence is to install a flood barrier. This is a system that has been designed to protect against water damage and wind damage.

Hailstones Can Turn Your Fence into Another Worry

Hail is a very dangerous storm. If you live in an area where hail can happen, you need to be prepared for it. It is important to have your fence checked by a professional after a storm and if there are any issues with your fence, you need to fix them right away. You need to ensure there is no weak spot in the fence where a storm could penetrate and rip through it.

What Can You Do To Safeguard Your Property Fence?

The first step in protecting your fence from storm damage is choosing the right type of fencing and fencing material according to your property’s needs. 

You can also consider the best fencing services in Buffalo NY to help you out in choosing the right fencing material and style as per your specific needs.

Install A Rain Gutter

A rain gutter will collect water that runs off your roof and directs it into a pipe, which is then routed away from the house. This prevents water from getting on your property and damaging your fence. 

Install a Fence Jack

A fence jack is an invaluable tool when it comes to protecting your fence from storm damage. It allows you to lift the bottom section of your fence so that it doesn’t get damaged by mud or debris during storms or heavy rains. 

Trim Bushes And Trees

If you have a lot of shrubs and trees on your property, you should trim them regularly. Trimming them will help to keep their branches from becoming too heavy and breaking off. 

If you don’t trim your bushes and trees properly, they may become too heavy and fall over. This could cause damage to your fence or property.

Do A Visual Inspection 

One of the best ways you can protect your fence from storms is by inspecting it regularly. You can see if there are any holes in the fence, whether it needs to be repaired, and if there are any broken boards. This will help you decide on what repairs you need to make.

Apply A Protective Coating 

The best way to prevent further damage from happening is by applying a protective coating to your property fence.

If you have a wood fence, then you will need to use a polyurethane coating. These coatings are very durable and will help protect your fence from weather conditions such as rain and sun. 

If you have an aluminum fence, then you will want to use aluminum paint instead of polyurethane because it does not require any maintenance for its lifetime. 

Repair Damaged Parts 

Fence Repair is a good idea if you want to protect your fence from storms. If a section of your fence is damaged, it can give the appearance that something is out of place. 

You should only repair damaged parts of your fence to avoid any further damage to the rest of your property’s fence. If you don’t repair these parts, they will continue to deteriorate over time.

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