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Trendy Ideas to Decorate your Fence in New Years

The traditional purpose of a fence is to provide boundary and security. But not anymore! A very basic-looking fence hardly gives us any aesthetics. 

But you can decorate your fence to look better and more visually pleasing.  Experiment with a few  new year fence decoration at home ideas and witness how a simple idea can transform an ordinary fence to an extraordinary fence

Leave these worries to the best fence installation company in Buffalo and will make your fence appear even better. To start with, let’s learn some trendy ideas to decorate your fence today.

Potted plants add beauty and life

Potted plants are a great idea for decorating a chain link fence. Hanging potted plants can bring your fence to life and beauty to your yard. Decorate your fence by planting colorful flower planters uniformly. 

Do you like flower baskets? You can hang them on your fence too. Not just beauty, you are also saving garden space by adding these flower baskets. You just need large S-hooks; slip one end to the fence, and hang the baskets to it.

On the other hand, hanging planters are a little tough. Hence, we recommend you hire the best fence installation company in Buffalo to do the job. Our team will help install your potted plants at your desired height. 

Ornamental trellises are elegant

Are you looking for a gothic and elegant fence look? Decorate your fence with ornamental trellises! They are a great way to start with. Also, paint your fence in a light color to make your trellis patterns stand out. 

Adding some colorful climbers can maximize the appearance. 

You can choose one from multiple trellises styles. It can be either a traditional square pattern or a decorative scalloped shape. Both are great for privacy as they do not block much light. 

Our team will install trellises by extending your fence posts to your preferred height. The best part is that anytime, you can remove them, and design them to stand alone. 

Remember, anytime you’re struggling with trellis installation, KD Fencing is at your service.

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Illuminate with a Bright String of Lights

Intensify your new year’s lights decoration with a string of them. Hanging these lights is an excellent way to decorate your fence for the night. But make sure you do not exceed 1,000 Watts per circuit. Try making unique shapes!

Create an illusion of an outdoor gateway and have fun with your loved ones without leaving your home. Our professionals can decorate your fence with lights and other accessories –  irrespective of the fence material.

When we decorate a fence, we start with uniform spacing and mark all the nail locations. We make sure not to hurt your fence while hammering the nail. Once the clips are inserted, we hang the strings to the fence securely

Attach Decorative Elements 

Show off your unique flair and style with decorative elements. It can be old frames, gardening decorations, art pieces, or your self-drawn arts.  Hang them along to decorate your fence. Explore your creativity and watch your fence represent your personality. 

Fresh paints

A coat of fresh paint can do wonders! Let your old fence breathe a new life with fresh light paints. You can also paint them white for a classy elegant vibe. 

Is the old paint peeling off? If yes, then you should start by sanding off the old paint surface. Now clean all the dust and dirt, and start applying a fresh coat. 

Enhance Your Regular Fence With  KD Fencing!

Remodel and decorate your fence with us. Our professionals are trained with great skills to transform your new year fence look. Decorate your fence with multiple features with the best fence installation company in Buffalo.

Contact KD Fencing to make your Buffalo fence visually appealing!


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