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6 Easy Tips For Fence and Gate Repair

The fence you put up around your home or company provides privacy and makes your place seem safer. No doubt, people have fences constructed as a typical aspect of safety regime in business settings.

But, even your best fences can get abused with time!

Fence abuses are not necessarily caused by humans. The weather could also be the key factor, denoting your fence for repair. No worries!! Whether they are rusting, rotten, or damaged by storms, you can get the best fencing services in Buffalo from KD Fencing. However, if you’re considering a DIY fence or gate repair, here are some tips you can follow to keep your fences and gates in the best possible condition. 

6 Fence & Gate Repair Tips For Lasting Boundary Looks!

  • Regular cleaning

Cleaning a fence by oneself is not a big deal! The best way to get started is with a scrubbing brush and a cleaning solvent, appropriate for your material. 

If that doesn’t work, you should consider power washing your fence. Our professionals can remove your surface grime and rust easily, making your fence and gate repair successful. 

  • Hinge lubrication

If you’ve added a gate to a chain-link fence, make sure the hinges aren’t rusted, or you may need immediate chain-link fence repair. Keep the hinges rust-free by applying oil regularly.

  • Repair the fence gates

Is your fence gate sagging?

If your fence gate hangs down without a diagonal cross bracing, you need torque, a cable, & some eye hooks to create an anti-sagging kit. 

These anti-sag kits can be purchased individually or as a section of a gate package that includes a hinge and locks. You can get a hydraulic ‘gate closer’ from us as a part of an effective fence and gate repair, as it can softly close your gate and stop it from further damage.

  • Straighten metal fencing

Do you have a wobbly fence? You need to fix the post right away! 

Disconnect the fence strip hardware from the post and split up the concrete while repairing a sagging fence. After shattering the concrete, remove it using your sledgehammer or cold chisel. 

Then, to support your fence, drive stakes into the soil, a few feet from the metal post and attach the post to the brace. After the concrete has been cured, finish by pouring the mixture into the new concrete foundations and removing the bracing.

  • Repair wooden fences

Your wooden fence and gate repair may need additional bracing due to wind damage or sinking land.

Start by removing the damaged areas first! If you need to remove panels around it, make sure not to damage anything that needs to be replaced. Most wood panels can be lifted using a prying bar or a claw hammer, but depending on the placement of the broken piece, you need to chop around it with a saw.

  • Repair composite & vinyl fence

Vinyl or composite fence supplies are generally long-lasting, but even the highest-quality fences can be destroyed by extreme weather. Flaws in vinyl or composite fences typically demand warranty-based repairs. 

As a result, hiring the best fencing company in Buffalo to do these repairs is always a good idea. Although some repairs are simply sufficient for you to complete yourself.

Looking For A Good Quality Fence & Gate Repair?

You’ve been guided to the perfect place! We are a team of experts with extensive knowledge of fences & gates repairs. Providing one of the best fencing services in Buffalo, we help you achieve uncompromisable fence and gate repair services  at reasonable rates.  With KD Fencing by your side, you can be sure about quality service. Contact us and arrange an appointment today!