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Big Mistakes you should Avoid During Residential Fence Installation

Often homeowners do not take the task of residential fence installation seriously and do it in an unprofessional way. But later on, the mistakes they make during the projects haunt them badly.

So if you are a homeowner, you should try your level best to avoid any errors and mistakes. This way, you will be able to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe from any unforeseen danger. 

You can steer away from these problems very easily. Give your fencing task to KD Fencing, one of the best residential fencing services in Buffalo

Now, let us jump in deeper and learn more about the fencing mistakes you are here to learn.

Top Fencing Mistakes Homeowners Make

Not knowing your property lines

Many homeowners don’t know their property’s exact lines or boundaries. This can cause serious confusion after any residential fencing installation job. This is why before the fencing task, go for a thorough land or property survey from the local authorities. This would ensure you don’t put your fence on someone else’s property mistakenly.

If you make any fencing mistake with property boundaries, it can cause you a long court battle. So always remember to stay sure about your property lines. This will also help you later if you wish to sell your property as the new owners will know the accurate demarcation of your property.

Not complying with local zoning laws

This is one of the most common mistakes landowner makes during residential fencing installation. There are several zoning laws in the USA. You need to get acquainted with them before proceeding with your residential fencing options. 

The zoning laws determine what type of fencings are allowed in a particular area. The laws also restrict the height and materials you can use for fencing. 

Therefore, before any residential fencing installation, contact your local authorities to ensure you comply with the local zoning laws. This will avoid disputes or legal troubles you may face later.

Poor fencing plan

It is one of the most frequent mistakes homeowners make. Residential fencing installation is not just a task meant to be ticked off from the list. They are meant for your security and to improve your property’s resale value. So, you need to set an accurate plan for which you must contact an expert in residential fencing, like KD Fencing. We are considered one of the leading residential fence companies in Buffalo, New York.

Our certified experts have years of experience in residential fencing installations, They also have great sense in material choice to ensure you get the best fencing solution from us.

Bad or unsure digging

You need to check the area before digging. Or else during the digging task, you may damage the underground electrical lines, gas, or internet lines. This is also a big reason you should rely on experts like KD Fencing for residential fencing installation jobs. 

You can also dial 911 before starting the projects. This way, you will keep the local authorities and utility suppliers informed about your project. They can send their help or inspection team for a smoother residential fencing installation job.

Not setting up the posts properly 

If you do not set the fence accurately, they will start to lean. Or get easily damaged by nature, pests, or stray animals. So, you must remember to set up the fencing poles properly.

Final Thoughts

There are many more mistakes one can make during residential fencing installation. But there is a very simple way you can avoid all the problems. Contact KD Fencing, leave the job to their experts, and get great fencing around your property.