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Planning To Build A Fence? You Must Know These First

Installing a fence is the ideal way to improve curb appeal while providing security and increasing the privacy of your home. 

But before you jump onto building your fence, expert fence installers Buffalo NY advise residents to consider a few important things to ensure their vision reaches fruition. 

Here, we bring you top tips for planning, building, and designing a fence for your home.

8 Things To Consider Before Installing A Fence

  • Know your “why”

Before you start building a fence, ask yourself the reason for installing one.

If it is strictly for utilitarian purposes – like keeping your dog inside the yard – a basic chain link fence will suffice. But if your intention is to add privacy and block outside noises, then you would want to install something tall and solid.

Chances are that you may have more than one reason for installing a fence. But whatever your purpose, fences can function in various ways. But most importantly, the first step is deciding what you are looking for.

2. Fence Facing The Right Way 

If you are building a privacy fence, the ideal way is for a smooth, finished side to face neighbors or the street. The side with the rails and the posts must be on the inside.

This will make your property look better, but your neighbor will also appreciate your attention to detail.

3. Fencing Material

When buying fencing material, you need to consider the type of material you want, along with the commitment you are willing to put into it.

For instance, a white picket fence will look quintessential, but it requires occasional staining or sealing and can rot over time. So it’s better to opt for a low-maintenance fence, like vinyl, that offers the look without the elbow grease. You can also consider other materials, including aluminum, iron, wrought, steel, and bamboo.

4. Fix Fencing Types

If you are worried about your fencing budget, consider mixing different types of fencing materials. Different fencing materials will not only help you save on your installation cost but will also reduce the amount of fence that might require repainting. Additionally, it will add interest to the landscape. 

If you want your fence to be installed at affordable rates by expert fence installers Buffalo NY, KD Fence & Decks Services are always available at your service. Just give us a call and discuss your fencing needs and budget without any additional cost.

5. Research Your Property Line 

Before installing a fence, you need to know where to put a fence. To ensure that you are building your property and not partially on your neighbor’s yard, get your property surveyed. This will help you establish clear property boundaries and rights of way.

6. Get Help From Professionals 

If you thought fence installation was a small undertaking, you are in for a rude awakening. Fence installation is a major take-on unless you have previous knowledge and experience. And hiring a professional company for fence installation Buffalo NY will reduce your pressure and tension by manifold and ensure that you get the best services within your budget. 

Additionally, they will help you pick the right materials and will also help you with the permit and everything.

7.  Consider The Climate

One of the most important things that people often overlook while installing fences is the climate. You need to choose the fencing material as per the climate to ensure that your fence stays strong and sturdy even during cold, frost months.

8. Create Entrances 

Plan at least two paths into a fenced area for safety and convenience, and ensure one gate is large enough to accommodate bulky outdoor equipment such as garbage bins and lawnmowers. Pergolas, stepping stones, and other decorative elements can help indicate the location of gates.

Final Thoughts 

Installing a fence is not as easy as it seems. It requires experience, expertise and knowledge. Do yourself and property a favor by hiring expert fence installers Buffalo NY and witness how your property changes, both in terms of aesthetics and security. Give us a call right away and discuss your fencing needs in details with your local professionals. Get in touch today!