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Essential Things One Must Know Before Fence Installation

A new fence on the property is much more than just a pile of wood stuck in the ground. It can elevate a home’s aesthetics, ramp up privacy and add a protective layer of security. The best fencing services in Buffalo NY even benefit pets by allowing them to stroll off-leash. 

There’s undoubtedly more than what meets the eye –  when it comes to hiring the best fence installation company in Buffalo. From selecting the size and budget, homeowners have to make a lot of hard decisions along the way. Fortunately, we have done the research and compiled all the necessary information you need to get started. Here’s the list of 6 things one must know before a fence installation.

Know These Before Residential And Commercial Fence Installation

  • Purpose Of The Fence

We have mentioned a few common reasons above – privacy, looks, and security. But it is a wise idea to decide “your why” before diving deep into the fence installation project. 

  • Project Budget

As with all home improvement projects, budget is the name of the game in fence installation. Before you set your heart on any specifics for your fencing project, it’s best to set a budget. By determining the budget upfront, you can finalize the other aspects of the job.

  • Type Of Fence 

Fences come in a range of materials, sizes, and styles. From wood to chain link to vinyl to wrought iron – you got an ocean of options. And each of these choices comes with its own set of pros and cons. This should line up with your purpose of fence installation. 

For instance : if you are hoping to make your property a little more private, an aluminum fence with pickets spaced 5 inches apart won’t do you any good. Similarly, a 2-foot fence may not be tall enough to keep your dog from leaping and escaping.

  • Upkeep Of The Fence

One of the most vital factors to consider in fence installation is the upkeep of the type of fence you pick. In warm and wet climate areas, wood fences are susceptible to splintering and rot. Therefore, you must get a vinyl fence to avoid continual maintenance. 

On the flip side, homeowners in colder climates should opt for metal or wood fences. These fences can sturdily withstand bitterly cold temperatures. 

  • Property Line

Before starting on the fencing project, you must know precisely where your property line starts and ends. The best way to achieve this is by reviewing a copy of your property’s survey. In case you lost your survey copy, call the local property records department. They will surely have one copy of your property survey that you can access.

  • Communicating With Neighbors

There are no official rules in place that dictates you must inform your neighbors about fence installation. But it is a common courtesy to do so to make sure the installation process doesn’t cause any inconvenience to them. If you are lucky, your neighbors might also be interested in the fencing project. In that way, you can both split the cost thereby saving both of you money.

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