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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Fence Around Your Property?

If you’re thinking of hiring the best fence installation company in Buffalo, you can expect to pay around $3,000-3,500. That’s the national average fence installation cost in Buffalo. Of course, the total price will vary significantly based on several factors. Here, we will dive into the topic of fence installation cost in detail to help guide the to-be fence owners.

Average Fence Installation Cost in Buffalo

  • National Average Cost: $3500
  • Typical Price Range: $1550-5000
  • Extreme Low-End Cost: $500
  • Extreme High-End Cost: $10,000

A fence for a typical backyard in Buffalo costs around $1550 to $5000. Many factors can increase or lower these numbers by thousands of dollars. Large yards, more premium materials, tall fences, or uneven terrain can cost you as high as $10,000. However, cheap materials, small spaces, or inexpensive contractors can result in a much lower price such as $500.

Factors That Affect Fence Installation Cost


When it comes to fencing, size completely dictates the installation price. The national average fence cost per linear foot is $27. Depending on the type of fencing material, you can pay as low as $8 per linear foot. Or as high as $46 per linear foot.


Each fence material has its cost range. The cheapest option is a simple wire fence. It costs about $1 to $3 per linear foot. While the most expensive is a composite fence with a price range of about $25 to $56 per linear foot. 

Here is the typical fence installation cost for some of the most common fence materials:

  • Wire Fencing – $1 to $5
  • Chain-Link Fence – $12 to $35
  • Wood Fence – $15 to $30
  • VEKA deck installation in Buffalo – $6 to $13
  • Aluminium Fence – $27 to $50
  • Wrought Fence – $25 to $56


Just like there are tons of fencing materials, there are several different fence styles too. Some of the styles use more material or take more workmanship to install, resulting in a higher fence installation cost. Others are simpler and therefore cheaper too.

Here are the typical price ranges for some of the most common fence styles –

  • Rail Fence – $10 to $25
  • Privacy Fence – $15 to $36
  • Board On Board Fence – $16 to $25
  • Picket Fence – $17 to $35


Standard backyard fences are about 6 feet tall. But one can opt for tons of options when it comes to height. Other common fence height sizes are 8 feet for backyards and 4 feet for decorative fences.

To figure out how much a tall or short fence would add or subtract your fence installation cost, first calculate the approximate budget for your fence. Measure this at the standard size of 6 feet using the price estimates we have given above. For an 8-foot fence, add an extra 25%-35% to the budget. For a 4-foot fence, subtract the same amount.

Slope Of Land

If you want to install a fence on a hill or an uneven terrain, that will bring more work for the fence installer. It may cost around $800 to $4000 depending on how much work needs to be done.

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