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Classy and Modern Backyard Fence Ideas To Create a Private Oasis

Good fences make good neighbors – there’s a whole lot of truth in it. While hiring residential fencing services in Buffalo may not be as exciting as hiring a landscape designer, it is essential. Especially when it comes to backyard fencing. 

Here, we have rounded up 10 backyard fence ideas from KD Fencing – the best fence installation company in Buffalo. When it comes to making properties safe from intruders and keeping nosy neighbors out, our skilled installers are pros at it. Read on to discover our range of aesthetic privacy fence ideas for the backyard.

10 Backyard Fence Ideas For A Private Relaxing Paradise

Black Horizontal Slats

Minimalistic, stunning, and elegant! These backyard fence ideas never go out of style. The black steel and white concrete combo amps up the curb appeal of any pale property. This easy-to-maintain and sturdy fence have a simple yet tasteful vibe.

Vertical Timber Fence

This residential fencing idea is chunky, imposing, and unique. If you wish to go all rustic in your backyard fence ideas, you can with this tough timber fence. This is also the best fencing choice if you really would like to highlight your front yard. But still, keep trespassers out.

Brick And Metal Interchange Fencing

If you already have an existing brick or concrete fence, this idea would make the perfect upgrade. Takedown alternate sections and replace them with chic metal slats. In case your backyard already has an imposing wall, choose moderate yet neutral hues for the fencing. 

Chain Link Fence

Chain-linked fences are a great option for residential backyard fence ideas. They are durable, affordable, and come in a range of color options. 

KD Fencing can either make the chain-link fence blend in or stand out in your garden. Our chain-linked offers great privacy and security from intruders or neighbors.

Bamboo Privacy Fences

The organic and dramatically beautiful bamboo fence looks great anywhere. It could perfectly complement any landscaping or backyard setting. This fencing choice also offers ample coverage and is easy to build.

Frosted Glass Fence

Frosted glass fences are the most ideal screens for homeowners craving utmost privacy. The glass panels are cool, stylish, and charming. Also, the smooth texture of the panels perfectly complements rough wood frames and boards.

Contemporary Steel Fence

One of the most ideal backyard fence ideas if you want that awesome curb appeal. Contemporary and stylish is the vibe of this fence. The tar-black steel pipes and their gorgeous design are great when you want your backyard to really stand out.

Classic White Horizontal Slats

Classy sophisticated fence with a striking factor. This all-white, no-frill, and top-of-the-line backyard fence is also as sturdy as a nail. It’s simple, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

Wooden Pallet Fence

Bring rustic country charm to your backyard with this wooden pallet fence. The warm wooden tones will frame the profusion of colors in your garden. Install one with KD Fencing and charm, without even trying. 

Vertical Slat Fencing

The sturdiest fences don’t always have to be harsh and boring. This vertical slat backyard fencing idea breaks down the monotony of metal fences. Its imaginative style and design make your backyard true heaven.

Add Flair And Security To Backyards With KD Fencing

From functional to fancy to fabulous, we have backyard fence ideas for everyone. Our fence design options feature a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and styles. Connect with our team and start narrowing down your backyard fencing designs today!